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Thesis film 

Alana, an adolescent immigrant from Eastern Europe, is obligated to leave the United States due to her dad losing employment. Overwhelmed by the haunting anxiety of giving up her home, she begins to lose touch with the world around her. Escapism, rebelliousness and frustrations bring Alana out of her comfort zone, all but to find a pleasant companion and a new reason to stay.

political drama | 25 min.

written & directed by Polina Zakharova
produced by Teak Sittinpunt
director of photography Rainey Zimmermann
edited by Polina Zakharova

presented by Rhode Island School of Design

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 6.33.17 PM_edi
sophies house 3.jpg


Miki Belenkov as Alana 

Athena Zeros as Sophie


Yurema Perez-Hinojosa as Alana's friend | Bernie Larrivee as Alana's Dad | Xavier Smith as Zack | Phoenyx Williams as bouncer | Thomas Lynch as teacher | John Halloran as lawyer 


Writer and Director  Polina Zakharova
Producer –Teak Sittinpunt
Director of Photography –Rainey Zimmermann
Editor –Polina Zakharova
Assistant Producer – Hannah Finamore Rossler
Script Supervisor – Sara Hopkins
Assistant Camera –Roscoe Bernard
Second AC – Charles Bares
Sound Recording – Amos Jackson

Additional Sound Recoding - Sara Hopkins
Production Design – Misha Gehring

Assistant Production Design - Theia Flynn

Assistant Production Design - Madison Moses

Costume Design - Francis Balken

Additional Costume Design - Alexandra Amy

Script Advisor - Rebecca Benoit
PAs – Amanda Kallenbach, Tamao Kiser, Garith Yang, Dairys Escoto

more information on screenings is coming soon.

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