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Black and White Abstract Texture
pigalle 1.jpg

The work below is a product of a month-long exploration of the streets of Paris at night. Most of the work was shot in Pigalle, the historically red light district of the city.

vending machiene.jpg

The neighbourhood's raunchy reputation is due to its abundance of adult stores and strip clubs. Recently it became a popular tourist attraction through Hollywood and the famous Moulin Rouge. 

After the sun goes down, the gleaming radiance of lights takes over the cityscape. The enticing glow uncovers the way, suggesting passion and excitement. The tourists go home. The flickering glow loses its audience along with its allure. Suddenly light turns surreal and menacing. My fascination with this psychological shift was the primary inspiration for these series. 

These series deal with the glow as a character, the way it occupies and defines the space around it.  

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