Polina Zakharova is a Russian-born photographer and a video creator.  


After receiving her Bachelor's Degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in Film, Animation, and Video, Polina pursued her career in New York. She worked as an editor on weekdays and a cinematographer on the weekends, gaining a well-rounded film production experience.  


During the coronavirus outbreak, Polina co-founded an online learning platform Filmmaker Essentials. Around that same time, she decided to travel across the country, driving through 12 states, camping out in national parks, and proudly making coffee on a portable stove (pictured on the right)


Polina eventually made it to Los Angeles, and now officially is an Angeleno with a Californian license plate and a turmeric-celery juice in her cup holder. 
Interests & Hobbies: attempting to play the guitar, making quantum physics-inspired drawings, philosophy, wakeboarding, chasing friends with a camera, hiking.